At Boudoir by Craig Fouché Photography, I create images that are professional, tasteful, classy, high end and top notch quality, that are all about you. I am passionate about my work and seek only to deliver the best photography that there is, which screams individuality! My job is to capture you in the most flattering poses that fit your body type. As a photographer, there’s nothing more rewarding than when you leave your shoot feeling radiant, confident, empowered and sexy.

Boudoir is a celebration of femininity. Every woman deserves to feel pampered, glamorous and beautiful. A boudoir shoot and album may be a gift for a significant other, but ultimately the experience and resulting photographs are a gift to yourself. Whether you are young and single, are getting married, already married with children, or your children are grown up, my job is to show just how spectacular you are, and can be.

The word boudoir; pronounced, ˈbuːdwɑː “BOOD-WAAH”, is French for a woman’s private room or bedroom, or in photography terms, a bedroom, hotel, studio or somewhere that creates an intimate setting for classy and romantic images. To call a photo session a bedroom session, would suggest, privacy and intimacy, revealing and exposing the real you that possibly only you or you and your partner gets to see. As such, you have full control over how you would like to be photographed – you can go all the way from fully-dressed and flirty, all the way down to wearing very little, and if the mood takes you, nothing at all. But that is entirely your decision. I only photograph what you are completely comfortable with.

Boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of someone, intended for the private enjoyment of the person and their partner. You are doing the shoot to entice, tease and excite your partner. It is very distinct from glamour and art nude photography in that it is usually more suggestive rather than explicit in its approach to nudity and sexuality. A boudoir client is one who generally has never posed for a camera beyond family, school or vacation photos, let alone in front of a camera in intimate underwear! She is generally a bit nervous to utterly frightened of posing in sexy underwear on camera, let alone “looking sexy”! She also spends some or no time on her physique because she does not do this for a living. If that sounds like you, relax, I photograph normal everyday woman in all shapes, sizes and features, not necessarily models, so you can take a deep breath and be yourself. You do not have to compete against the next person, this is about you.

Boudoir is all about an experience of feeling beautiful, empowered, confident, sexy, strong and 100% woman in every way. Age is a number, we will all age, but the inner person can remain as young as you want to be. The more years you’ve lived, the more you have to celebrate! Our personality is who we are, sometimes we need a boost to remind ourselves that we can be more than what we perceive ourselves to be or how others may see us. It may need a little nudging to take that leap, if you don’t you will still be left standing on the ledge of indecision and the unknown. There is a Cinderella in all of us, boudoir can help you find her if you take that chance! Not all woman feel really great about themselves, and want me to capture them feeling and showing their best side off, so they can feel even better about themselves. Feeling sexy and confident is a state of mind that we can all use a little help with from time to time.

Whatever your reason is for having a boudoir session I would love to be the one to capture the real you through my camera, so I can make you feel sexy, confident and like the person you deserve to feel like! Allow me to change, improve or confirm what you did or didn’t see, and how you feel about yourself through the beautiful images I capture on camera.