My work ethic is professional, my styling is posh, exclusive, just like the product I offer! I continuously aim to leave a positive and lasting impression on the clients I deal with and to create photographic art that will be cherished and appreciated by all who view my work.

Boudoir by Craig Fouché Photography was established in 2017 as a sister company to Craig Fouché Photography. My logo tells a story of the changes a woman experiences before her boudoir shoot and after. The logo consists of two butterflies, one small and one large. The smaller depicts the before experience and the larger the after; the transformation, confidence boost, the empowerment and the acceptance of the beautiful, strong, sexy person you are. Combined, the two butterflies join together to form a face with beautiful flowing hair, that is you, the awesome, beautiful woman you are!

I am a Nikon registered NPS photographer and contributor to Nikon South-Africa, shooting locally and international on both film and digital. My work has featured in various South-African magazines, just recently a top ten finisher in the Getaway Gallery Competition 2016. I am also a contributor to Media 24 and don’t only shoot boudoir, but a variety of genres. My equipment I use is all professional gear, from cameras and lenses to studio lighting and equipment, which is all owned by me, I have no need to hire any photographic gear, I am prepared and ready to shoot at almost any location.

My wife Dominique is the most amazing woman, soulmate and best friend I could ever have wished for, she supports me in all I do and will assist me from time to time with my photographic shoots.