A boudoir shoot captures passion and intimacy and is a unique expression of love from one partner to the other. This is a chance to celebrate you and all your glory. You might be stepping outside of your comfort zone, and you have the distinct opportunity to benefit from putting yourself out there in a new and remarkable way.

So, what happens at a shoot, what do I need, who else is there, how long does it take? So many questions, but so easy to answer!

Location: That’s entirely up to you, but I’m always happy to suggest a location. I have my own professional home studio geared up for a Boudoir shoot, but my locations can also be either private homes, guest lodges, boutique B&B’s or posh hotels where our options are so much greater, this, however, will be an additional cost, and necessary arrangements will need to made. A little bit of creative thinking, good timing and wonderful natural light always go a long way for fantastic results.

Makeup Artist:  I work hand-in-hand with Celeste who is a professional makeup artist to complete the experience. Billing for makeup is handled by Celeste and you can deal directly with her regarding that, I provide you with the photography, which is handled by me. Should you wish you use your own hair and makeup artist, that would be fine, just as long as they are not an inexperienced person or friend, I am unable to make you look like a superstar if they fail in this department; Photoshop has limitations. This why I prefer experienced professionals who offer makeup artistry!

What To Wear: Choose outfits that make you feel sexy. Bring something white, bring something black, bring some bright colours so you can mix and match, and something that will also complement your skin tone. Bring lingerie, outfits, shoes and accessories that reflect who you are. There are a tonne of options available to you – you’re a woman, so be one! And remember, the more effort you put into selecting a really varied wardrobe the more you’ll get out of the shoot. Bring a prop or two that would add to your shoot, which could be a ballroom mask, lacy fishnet hat, riding crop, maybe his favourite coffee mug to tease him silly with, use your imagination. Depending on the prop I will try my best to make it work.

Time Duration: Boudoir shoots are actually quite hard work for both of us. Although we’ll laugh and chat a lot during the shoot, the actual poses themselves require intense concentration from me, and you contorting your body possibly into poses that you may not have done before. An example would be having you arch your back more than normal to create better curves. It will feel much more like a workout than a boudoir shoot when you are done! That said, the shoot does also require some intense concentration from you at times.

We go along slowly, talking about the next pose or sequence of shots – it’s all about what you want and what you are comfortable with. After each sequence, you get back into your gown if you are doing a wardrobe change, you select the next items you are going to wear. Then I leave you alone to change and once you’re ready we move on to the next sequence of photos. Sometimes I may use my makeup artist to assist me, or your friend that may have come along to help you with dressing and covering up properly in some of your poses. Some shoots take 30 minutes, some take 2 hours, remember to include time for your hair and makeup, this is over and above the time in spent front of the camera according to your desired package you have selected. I’m also very good at recognising when enough is enough because you will most certainly start to tire and at that point, we end the session.

When To Do Your Shoot: Don’t wait until you lose another 5kgs or you have the perfect body, you may never lose those kilograms! There is beauty in every shape and size! Do not punish yourself for not being “perfect”; you deserve to feel beautiful and sexy no matter what size you are.

If you a bride to be, the best time to do your boudoir shoot is anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks before your wedding. You don’t want to leave it until the week before your wedding because your stress levels may be a little higher than normal and you absolutely need to feel calm and relaxed. It also gives me time to edit your photos and create an album for your fiancé should you so wish. Also, consider this – you’re more than likely going to have a hair and makeup trial before your wedding, so it’s an awesome idea to either combine this as part of your boudoir shoot or have your trial and then come to me immediately afterward for your shoot.

Preparation: It is highly recommended and would also be in your best interests to have a one on one consultation with me at my office to discuss your boudoir shoot, packages, complete any administration, calm any nerves and answer any other questions you may have regarding your boudoir shoot. If you unable to meet me at my office, I would be happy to meet you at a venue of your choice, perhaps even at a coffee shop as my service to you to discuss your shoot. You will also receive a comprehensive, detailed pre-shoot pack regarding the shoot.

Should you be shooting in my professional home studio, you will get to see, touch and feel the beautiful products I have to offer, my boudoir studio setups and furniture, and I will talk you through how to prepare for your shoot.

This is really important before your shoot, as it will help us make the absolute most of your photo session. At this meeting, I will get to know you and your style, as well as your desires for your finished images.